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What is Bio-Energetics?
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Frequently Asked Questions About The BodyScan
The Science Behind Bio-Energetic Testing

What is this type of Healthcare evaluation called?
This work falls under the category of what is called "Vibrational Medicine" also called electro-physiological reactivity, electro-acupuncture according to Voll (E.A.V.), and electrodermal screening. This method of Healthcare is based on the principles of Bio-feedback. It utilizes a computer to measure the body's stress responses and energy demands.

Where and how did this type of testing originate?
In the late 1940's Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German medical doctor, became fascinated with the Chinese medical approach of treating patients for their illnesses. The Chinese physicians look at disease differently in their hospitals and clinics. This approach is vastly different than the way of typical "Western Medicine" as practiced in the United States. The Chinese view of diagnosis of disease revolves around the examination of proper energy flow throughout the body.

The Chinese call this energy flow, Qi' (pronounced chee). The Chinese method of correcting and maintaining proper energy flow revolves around the art and science of Acupuncture. Dr. Voll's life's work centered on finding a way to measure and improve the flow of energy throughout the body without the use of needles.

After years of study and research, he developed a non-computerized device that he called the Dermatron, which allowed him to determine energy flow of the acupuncture meridians (the body's electrical pathways). Dr. Voll also found and mapped out an additional 800 acupuncture points on the human body. During his 40 years of fastidious research, Dr. Voll's work and this area of study were named Electro-acupuncture According to Voll or E.A.V. for short.

Dr. Voll developed a way to determine if the systems of the body were healthy or in distress. As a result of his early research, Dr. Voll determined that he could check the vitality of organs and body system functions relative to the acupuncture meridian's response when he tested his patients. At that time, an evaluation was a very tedious process, and a complete evaluation would take three to four days. In the 1980's E.A.V. was computerized and the computer shortened the complete evaluation to three or four hours. As the science continues to evolve, the latest technology allows us to perform the examination in just minutes. Dr. Voll was highly respected, and as a result of his research and life's work, E.A.V. is currently taught in German medical schools.

Where is Bio-Energetic and E.A.V. testing used?
Bio-Energetic testing is prevalent in Germany, England, Holland, greater portions of Europe, the Ukraine, Italy, and Canada. It is an emerging (new) industry in the United States. Presently, there about 300 Bio-Energetic/Energy Medicine practitioners in the United States. This procedure is considered a medical procedure in foreign countries where doctors diagnose patients with this type of equipment. In the United States, this type of testing is classified as Bio-feedback. Don't take this word lightly. This is one powerful tool. In our office this testing is performed on the BodyScan 2010 ™ Bio-feedback testing device.

What does a BodyScan do and how does it work?
The BodyScan Computerized Testing makes a quantum leap forward in energetic reactivity testing. The BodyScan technology is so advanced that the body can be electronically tested for more than six thousand substances in less than 10 minutes. The office visit is painless and non-invasive (does not require the use of a needle or x-ray.) The patient has Bio-feedback sensors placed on the skin at the wrist, ankle and forehead. A complete Bio-Energetic evaluation can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time that it used to take for the earlier model E.A.V. evaluation.

What can the BodyScan evaluation test me for?
The BodyScan evaluation can test for stressors in the following categories and more. Some of the many testing categories are: Airborne Allergies, Bacteria, Food Allergies, Viruses, Yeast, Fungus, Dental Materials, Hormones, Chemicals, Vaccination Toxicity, Nutritional Deficiency, Environmental and Industrial Pollution, Pesticide Toxicity, & Heavy Metal Toxicity, just to name a few.

What do the responses from the testing mean?
When the body is tested against several thousand substances, it will react to each substance with electrical changes in the body's own electrical system. We have an electrical system that operates the energy flow in our bodies. We already can get some electrical information about our bodies when hooked up to an EKG (electrocardiograph) machine. The EKG machine allows medical doctors to obtain electrical information about the functional status of the heart when a heart problem is suspected. Electrical information gathered from the body by that type of machine has been around for many years.

Each substance in the list of categories selected by the E.A.V. practitioner will be Bio-feedback tested against your body's own electrical system. The amount of current is so tiny that you will not feel it as it is happening, but you can view the responses to the test on the computer screen.

The testing and the responses are recorded in the computer and the reactions can then provide the practitioner with an energy demand "blue-print" of the body's organ systems. Practitioners can then determine the areas of the body that require care and support and develop a plan of action for the conditions found.

Does our body really become ill and toxic through daily activities & what is the cost over a

Because the body is a great sensing organism, it constantly tries to adapt to it's environment externally as well as internally. Each change in outside or indoor temperature is met by your body with a sensory interpretation and response of how your body should react to preserve it's health. This is called an adaptation response. Likewise, each of our body's internal activities in regulation of it's chemistry can stimulate an adaptative response. For example, breathing the air where we live and travel to and from, drinking water and other drinks, preparing and eating foods with the added preservatives and colorings, all force our bodies to adapt to the load of chemicals in these substances. If you have any doubt that our lives are chock full of chemicals, just read the side of a cereal box, the ingredient list on a package of lunch meat, or the listed contents of your favorite bag of snack chips.

Illness begins and develops as a result of the toxic load we put on our bodies over a lifetime. The national statistics are staggering. The cost of "illness management" financially punishes employers and companies providing health insurance, and is spiraling higher each year.

What can we learn from the BodyScan?
Your body has developed a way to sense if it will benefit or be harmed by specific substances in it's internal environment. Due to the fact that the body must adapt or eventually perish, it seeks a way to reduce the stress of adaptation. The body responds through BodyScan testing to give information if a substance, (maybe a vitamin, mineral or other more natural remedy) would be helpful to the body in it's quest to adapt to outside influences and regain health.

Since the body is a complex organism, several beneficial items may be needed to allow the body to cleanse itself and recover from illness. The testing gives us direction to provide those items that are most likely to contribute to health and helps us to recognize and eliminate those items that will fatigue the body and possibly cause more stress and illness.

When the body is tested, there are three types of responses from the body:

1.) Yes! I would like to have some of that substance, (that vitamin, amino acid, enzyme, mineral, natural remedy, etc). It would be helpful to me.
2.) I am not interested in that substance. It does not help me or harm me.
3.) No! I cannot process that stuff. It is detrimental to me. It is NOT helpful and is currently part of my problem and/or would cause me more problems and may increase my current illness to a greater degree.

Many substances are tested in rapid order. The responses provide information about what is happening in the body. If a toxic substance, for example: chemical, bacteria, or fungus, produces a testing response higher than the body's desire for a beneficial substance, for example: vitamin, enzyme, or protein, then we can tell a that toxic involvement is more distressful to the body than it's need for nutritional support at that moment.

Sometimes the cleansing of the toxins from the body becomes temporarily more important (for a short period of time) than delivering an increase in nutrients (vitamins, minerals, proteins etc.), to the body. This testing provides a way to tell if we are absorbing nutrients or just making expensive urine. This so very important to those consuming what seems to them as "plenty of vitamins."

Does the Bio-Energetic testing diagnose disease?
No. In the United States the term "diagnosis" refers to the identification of a disease or other condition by a physician by evaluating the patient's appearance, symptoms, and history; by physical examination; and if needed, by analyzing the results of laboratory tests, (i.e. urinalysis, blood count, x-rays, and M.R.I. scans, etc.) In the United States, this testing device, the BodyScan 2010 ™ is registered with the F.D.A. (Food & Drug Administration) as a device for performing Bio-Feedback Testing. Overseas, in Europe, this type of testing is regarded as diagnostic. Here it will take more time and research to get the FDA to allow that claim to be made. The practice of diagnosing and treatment of disease is made by licensed physicians.

The concept of this type of testing holds the key to the merging of Eastern Medicine, Western Medicine and modern technology. Most common medical practitioners in the U.S. know little if anything about Dr. Voll's research although some are beginning to read and study Electro-acupuncture and the field of Bio-Energetic medicine. The most likely responses from a medical doctor on the topic of Bio-Energetic medicine are "I don't know," or "What in the world are you talking about?"

We believe that this testing is a way to "eavesdrop" on the body's communication system and to analyze the complexities of human bodily functions. The clinical experiences of the developers of this type of equipment confirm that data information pathways within the body really do exist. The Chinese discovered it, and the European scientists have now learned how to capture it and "download" this Bio-Energetic information from the body's own information highway, the body's own "Internet." This technology will truly anchor the Healthcare Science of the next generation and you can take advantage of it right now!

Who can benefit from this technology?
Anyone who wants a different approach to healthcare can be scanned on the device. Children, adults and seniors can all benefit from the information retrieved from a BodyScan. The use of this testing provides an ideal window for natural healthcare and preventative maintenance. It is an alternative to pharmaceutical (drug) treatment of illness and offers no toxic side-effects as some drugs are apt to do.

Bio-Energetic medicine focuses on offering a natural solution to the body that is needed at that moment to achieve balance. This is the science of the future that blends ancient wisdom and nature's healthful substances with modern day technology.

What does a Bio-Energetic practitioner do for clients?
A Bio-Energetic practitioner provides E.A.V. evaluations using the latest in Bio-Energetic technology. Our first priority is the patient's overall health and wellness. After explaining the findings to you, recommendations may include the use of herbs, vitamins, enzymes, homeopathic remedies, diet, nutritional and / or lifestyle improvements to optimize your response to care. We do not claim to diagnose or treat any specific illness or disease. We do balance the meridian system of the body, to promote a higher degree of recovery and wellness naturally. We do it without drugs. We are not a primary care facility like an emergency room at a hospital. For severe conditions of illness and those that are life threatening, we recommend the patient see their primary care physician first. The most common patient / client seeking this type of care is one who has been the pharmaceutical route without reduction in illness and those seeking a more natural approach to care for their body.

Where can I make an appointment for testing? How much does it cost?
BodyScan appointments can be made with:
Dr. Michael J. Mickeletto, D.C., F.A.S.A., I.A.B.P. and with Melody A. Mickeletto, B.S.T. (International Association of Bio-Energetic Practitioners, I.A.B.P. Certified BodyScan Technician)
2919 Commercial Way (U.S. 19)
Spring Hill, Fl. 34606
Phone: (352) 688-3734

Dr. Michael J. Mickeletto has been a Chiropractic Physician and natural healthcare advocate for 20 years. He is a Fellow of the Acupuncture Society of America (F.A.S.A.) and is certified as a Bio-Energetic Practitioner by the International Association of Bio-Energetic Practitioners (IABP).

Melody A. Mickeletto is certified as a BodyScan Technician by the International Association of Bio-Energetic Practitioners, (I.A.B.P.)

The fees for Bio-Energetic BodyScan can vary slightly depending on the severity / chronicity of the illness. The average fee for a BodyScan performed in our office is $195.00 for the initial visit. Rates vary when out of town traveling is involved to cover travel expenses. Generally we allow 2 hours for a first time appointment. We want to have ample time to find the stressful contributors to conditions and make recommendations. Natural remedies and nutritional supplements are sold separately.

Please call us with your questions and for appointment availability.
Michael J. Mickeletto and Melody A. Mickeletto
(352) 688-3734

Copyright 1999 Michael J. Mickeletto and Melody A. Mickeletto

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