Bi-polar Disorder and Kundalini


Bi-polar Disorder and Kundalini

Bi-polar Disorder and Kundalini

Bi-Polar Disorder, Part I: The Kindling of Kundalini
by Patricia Bloise

Bi-Polar disorder, formerly known as manic-depression, affects 2% of the population in the United States. This means 2 of every 100 persons or 20 of every 1,000.

This is a disorder which is far from rare and appears to be manifesting itself in the lives of its sufferers at an increasingly earlier age. Bi-Polar disorder is now being diagnosed in teenagers. Until recently it was not being detected in people until they reached their 20's and 30's. This may be due to improved diagnostic methods, to an increase in awareness of its symptoms and how it affects the lives of the people who have it.

Bi-Polar disorder is lumped together with Schizophrenia and viewed as a major mental illness. Unlike Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar disorder is not associated with structural changes in brain tissue. Unlike Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar disorder lends itself to clearer resolution of symptoms, fewer complications and the potential for leading a productive and satisfying life. But what is Bi-Polar disorder?

As the name implies it derives from the idea of opposite ends of a swing. The term mood swing is often used to describe it. However, it is more accurate to think of this as an energy swing. For this is about energy flow; about a disruption or an imbalance in the distribution of biochemical energy (neurotransmitters) in the system.

A clear sign of mania is rapid and pressured speech, increased creativity, sleeplessness, weight loss, and changes in behavior. As mania progresses, communication between brain cells becomes disorganized. The result is a pattern of consciousness that is disorganized. The expression of the psyche spills out as hallucinations (visual and auditory) and delusional thinking.

The subconscious mind is tapped, primordial memory is accessed (archetypes). A person may even experience true psychic information from higher planes but due to the disorganization this information cannot be processed.

As the energy continues to build in the tissues, cellular damage can occur. The body's natural defense is to lower the energy flow and maintain homeostasis. Depression usually follows. Medical intervention is important due to the risk of cellular damage if mania is left to run its course.

Once a person becomes stabilized and returns to his normal level of functioning then that individual is ready to address the work before him, which involves the raising of Kundalini (consciousness) that his psyche is crying out for.

Bi-Polar Disorder, Part II: Kundalini and the Chakra System
by Patricia Bloise

Kundalini, together with the chakra system, allows the individual to experience the world he lives in. The cerebrospinal system (with its physical counterpart the endocrine glands and its astral counterpart the chakra system) is the circuit; kundalini the charge and consciousness - the pattern of experience of reality. Another way to say this might be: the chakras are the software, the endocrine glands and brain cells are the hardware, and kundalini delivers the information to the monitor (ego).

According to Zachary F. Lansdowne (1), consciousness of experience derives from the chakras and the endocrine system as follows:

 Layers of Consciousness  Chakra  Endocrine Gland
 Sensual gratification  Sacral  Gonads
 Pursuit of pride and vanity  Solar Plexus  Pancreas
 Compassion for others  Heart  Thymus
 Clarity of communication  Throat  Thyroid
 Expression of intuitive wisdom  Brow  Pituitary
 Constant state of self awareness  Crown  Pineal
 Constant state of spiritual will  Basic  Pineal

In bi-polar disorder awakened kundalini energy stimulates the endocrine glands and the associated chakras, but the complimentary levels of consciousness have not yet matured. The result is a poorly developed individual, one who experiences great highs and lows of emotion, but with little or no control, as evidenced by the well-noted "mood swing".

A person may have a developed solar plexus chakra and receive intense stimulation of the thyroid gland, and so talk at length about self-centered accomplishments, with an eye toward ego satisfaction and aggrandizement. Compassion for others has not yet manifested in this personality; the development is lopsided. The pituitary gland may be stimulated, and the personality may have intuitive experience from the subconscious plane but not the superconscious plane. The personality is therefore unable to express intuitive wisdom.

Kundalini energy may awaken due to accidents, trauma, chemical sensitivity, or any type of stress. Only when the individual is able to mature psychologically, by removing developmental blocks formed in the natural process of growth out of childhood, can he or she begin to balance the flow of kundalini energy.

(1.) Zachary F. Lansdowne: The Chakras and Esoteric Healing (Samuel Weiser, Inc., York Beach, Maine, 1993), pp. 21 and 30.

Bi-Polar Disorder, Part III: Balancing the Energy of Physiology & Psychology in the Bi-polar Person
by Patricia Bloise

The most important goal for a person with bi-polar expression is balance; proper channeling of psychic and physical energy. Many times the physical element is addressed only through medication which works in the brain cells. But remember the importance of the endocrine system (see part II). Proper functioning of the endocrine cells is as important as brain cell function. Body systems are interdependent and must be treated that way.

Physical exercise which maintains cardiovascular function can keep the endocrine system in balance and is imperative for people with bi-polar expression. In addition, psychotherapeutic process must be sought to remove energy blocks from the consciousness. Everyone, regardless of his personal experience of childhood, sustains psychic trauma. Everyone has some blockage in the chakras (software system ­ see part II).

When psychological blocks are removed and physical knots in the body are worked out through exercise, energy can flow and heal the parts of the individual which are in need. Then growth can occur.

In summary, the following ideas are important:

1. Medication for stabilization of energy in brain cells (neurotransmitters)

2. Psychotherapeutic process for mental clearing away of traumas which occur in everyone as a result of being alive.

3. Physical conditioning with an emphasis on cardiovascular fitness to stimulate balance in the endocrine system (hormones)

It is reasonable to predict that an individual with an expression of bi-polar energy can learn to listen to the language of his body and by following sensible guidelines and healthy patterns of living be able to minimize the need for medications which can damage healthy organs over time.

Copyright 1998 Patricia Bloise

Patricia Bloise has written an excellent book,
Dancing with the Serpent,
about her experiences with Bi-Polar disorder.
You can read the entire first chapter online and order the book at her site.

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